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I am writing in support of Joe Pato for selectman, and of Scott Bokun for School Committee. As a longtime friend and Town Meeting colleague, I’ve always been impressed by Joe’s analytical approach to every problem, and his innate ability to bring a calm and considered perspective to even the most contentious issue the town faces. It is important to maintain his extensive experience on the board so that he can continue to champion initiatives that build and better our community. Joe is committed to addressing our pressing capital needs, continuing to make progress on our sustainability goals, assure public safety and continue to make Lexington welcoming and inclusive. Joe’s love of Lexington is apparent in his many years of service and his deep commitment to listening to and providing for all citizens.

Similarly, Scott Bokun would be an exceptional addition to the School Committee. His experience as an educator and his years of leadership of the Lexington Youth Summer Theater demonstrate his passion and commitment to furthering our children’s growth and development. His years of service as a Town Meeting member have given him a deep understanding of the town’s budget and array of needs, and he carefully and prudently considers both the value and financial impacts of an issue while representing his constituents.

As a longtime friend of Scott’s, I know he would hold the best interests of our children and our town in mind as a Lexington School Committee member. Please join me in voting for Joe Pato for selectman and Scott Bokun for School Committee on March 4.

— Mollie Garberg, Cary Avenue

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As a mother with young children in the Lexington Public Schools, I want my daughters to be educated in a school environment that is diverse and socially conscientious. I want my girls to learn in classrooms that are not overcrowded. I want to see the new High School built and funded with the highest possible attention to fiscal responsibility.

I am inspired by our current School Committee and our new superintendent for their willingness to serve our town in the face of such big challenges. This is a gift they give to us.

At Scott Bokun’s core, he is caring, compassionate, always willing to listen and learn, and is a naturally upbeat consensus builder. Scott will be a great contributor to the School Committee, bringing harmony and balance as they work through the important decisions ahead.

I first met Scott while serving on the Town Meeting member Association Executive Committee and Scott stood out as he was so engaged, enthusiastic and cheerful. He is also a youth organizer and former LexFUN! president. As an active LexFUN! board member since 2014, I know the dedication, commitment and stamina that requires.

In everything Scott does, he brings energy and positivity; close friends of mine who have had “Mr. B” as their child’s preschool teacher at Hancock Nursery School will happily gush about what a beloved teacher he was. He deeply cares about kids, their enjoyment in their education and their happiness.

Scott has a perfect background in early childhood education, community involvement and local government experience to serve our town extremely well as a School Committee Member, plus the charisma to make it even better.

Please join me in voting for Scott Bokun on Monday, March 4.

Taylor Singh, Burlington Street

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I am writing in support of Joe Pato for Selectman, and Scott Bokun for School Committee. I have had the pleasure of knowing both of these gentlemen for many years and can honestly say that I cannot think of better individuals for these two positions. Joe brings a wealth of experience to the Selectmen and his calm, fact-based, integrative approach to decision-making make him an extremely valuable individual to have as a Selectman. I am thrilled that he has chosen to continue to serve our community in this way.

While Scott will be new to the School Committee, he likewise brings to this role a wealth of experience in voluntary leadership roles. Additionally, Scott brings an unparalleled level of enthusiasm and passion for the initiatives with which he chooses to be involved. Having raised with his wife Michelle two wonderful daughters who both benefited tremendously from the Lexington school system and having been a teacher of young children for many years, Scott’s experience and passion for the quality of education that we provide here in Lexington make him extremely well qualified to be on our School Committee.

Please join me in voting for Joe Pato for Selectman and Scott Bokun for School Committee on March 4.

Gary Garberg, Cary Avenue

This Letter to the Editor appears in the Jan. 31 print edition of the Lexington Minuteman.

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