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Consensus Builder Bokun

As a mother with young children in the Lexington Public Schools, I want my daughters to be educated in a school environment that is diverse and socially conscientious. I want my girls to learn in classrooms that are not overcrowded. I want to see the new High School built and funded with the highest possible attention to fiscal responsibility.

I am inspired by our current School Committee and our new superintendent for their willingness to serve our town in the face of such big challenges. This is a gift they give to us.

At Scott Bokun’s core, he is caring, compassionate, always willing to listen and learn, and is a naturally upbeat consensus builder. Scott will be a great contributor to the School Committee, bringing harmony and balance as they work through the important decisions ahead.

I first met Scott while serving on the Town Meeting member Association Executive Committee and Scott stood out as he was so engaged, enthusiastic and cheerful. He is also a youth organizer and former LexFUN! president. As an active LexFUN! board member since 2014, I know the dedication, commitment and stamina that requires.

In everything Scott does, he brings energy and positivity; close friends of mine who have had “Mr. B” as their child’s preschool teacher at Hancock Nursery School will happily gush about what a beloved teacher he was. He deeply cares about kids, their enjoyment in their education and their happiness.

Scott has a perfect background in early childhood education, community involvement and local government experience to serve our town extremely well as a School Committee Member, plus the charisma to make it even better.

Please join me in voting for Scott Bokun on Monday, March 4.

Taylor Singh, Burlington Street

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