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Scott Bokun for School Committee Finds Solutions

We are voting for Scott Bokun for School Committee because Scott’s can-do attitude will benefit our schools. He finds ways to make things work and he does this methodically and logically — skills he has honed as a legal assistant and an educator. All these skills will be critical as the School Committee tackles the challenging issues of increasing enrollment, high school improvements and stress in the schools.

We first met Scott in the Pre-School PTA (now LexFun!) where he held multiple leadership positions. The Pre-School PTA was as much for the parents as for the kids and Scott was skilled in finding that balance to support all of us. Scott made volunteering fun and the Pre-School PTA thrived thanks to his organization and planning skills.

Since our kids’ pre-school days our paths have crossed on political campaigns and in the community. Bumping into Scott is always a positive event, whether it is discussing town events or movies, we always learn something from him and he always listens to us.

Scott always has his ears open. He’s interested in what others think and keeps an open mind. That’s because he is always looking for ways to make something work. Scott has shown his skills in working with different constituents — kids, parents, and teachers — as an at-home father of two kids in our schools, a teacher at Hancock Nursery School, and a volunteer on PTA activities.

To learn more about Scott, visit https://scottbokun.com. Please join us in voting for Scott Bokun for School Committee on March 4, 2019.

— Ilene and Gil Benghiat, Sunny Knoll Avenue

This Letter to the Editor appears in the Dec. 20 print edition of the Lexington Minuteman.

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